A Guide to Developing a PR Campaign

According to Kim Harrison (2011, p. 324), a campaign is “a planned set of communication activities, each with a specific defined purpose, continued over a set period of time and intended to meet communication goals and objectives relating to a nominated issue: for example, a campaign to increase industrial safety.” Although the nature of a PR campaign depends on the context and its overall aim, there are some essential elements that are common to all PR campaigns.


To help you better plan and develop a PR campaign, I created a simple guide that contains 8 essential elements you should consider. The guide is based on the book by Anne Gregory ‘Planning and Managing Public Relations Campaigns: A Strategic Approach’ (2015) and contains 8 chapters with a brief description of key notions:


·        Context

·        Planning

·        Analysis and Research

·        Aims and Objectives

·        Publics and Messages

·        Strategy and Tactics

·        Time-frame and Resources

·        Evaluation and Review




Gregory, A., 2015. Planning and Managing Public Relations Campaigns, 4th edition. London: Kogan Page.


Harrison K., 2006, Strategic Public Relations—A Practical Guide to Success, 5th edn, Palgrave Macmillan, South Yarra, Vic.

A Guide to Developing a Public Relations Campaign / PR
A guide to developing a PR campaign C. L. A. P.
A guide to developing a PR campaign C. L
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Post written and the guide created by Liudmila Kazak.