Public Relations and Communication Consulting Services

Public Relations and Communications Consulting Services by Liudmila Kazak

I can help you in areas such as communications and strategic planning, internal communications, key message development, and social media use for external communications. When you work with me, you receive one-on-one attention and a plan that is tailored to your public relations and communications needs.





Build brand awareness

Create results-oriented campaigns

Improve communication with customers and employees

Develop a clear internal communications strategy

Communicate consistently, measure and evaluate performance

Design a comprehensive social media strategy

Manage professional presence on LinkedIn

Create your brand’s visual story

“I worked with Liudmila on KAYAK project and can confirm she is highly proficient in public relations. I have been very impressed by her pro-activeness and the ability to pay careful attention to every detail. She is not only a strong specialist with a creative approach to work but also a very intelligent person who is always ready to help and explain. I am sure she will be successful in any enterprise she undertakes. It was a great pleasure to work with her and I can give Liudmila my highest recommendation.” 


Ruzanna M. DNA Communications

“I worked with Liudmila designing digital assets for KAYAK. She is a professional with great experience managing marketing projects with global impact in different regions and languages, as well as generating project briefings that allowed me to perfectly understand the scope and expectations of the tasks to be done. She is an affable person, energetic, very professional and easy to work with.”


D. Alexander B. G. Global App BBVA

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