Compilation of Public Relations and Communications Tools by Liudmila Kazak

Public relations and communications are most effective when they are considered, planned and evaluated on an ongoing basis. By using proven PR and communication tools, you will be able to perform these tasks in compliance with high-quality standards and reach measurable results. Here you can download useful and practical PR and communications tools that can help you in your professional endeavours.


Blog content calendar template

Blog content calendar template

A blog content calendar helps you develop a blogging strategy and manage your online blog content. 

Editorial calendar template 

Fact sheet template

A guide to developing a PR campaign

A guide to developing a PR campaign

This guide contains 8 essential  elements you should consider when developing a PR campaign.

internal communications editorial calendar template

Internal communications editorial calendar template

IC editorial calendar template includes three worksheets: 1) online content, 2) events and 3) notes.

internal communications editorial calendar template

Internal communications calendar template

IC calendar template for 2021 and subsequent years.

internal communications strategy template

Internal communications strategy template

Media kit template

Media kit template

PR agency briefing template

PR agency briefing template

PR budget template

PR budget template

The template helps you plan your budget and let you compare your actual and projected expenses for the PR activities.

PR evaluation sheet

PR Instagram campaign: case study of Lindt & Sprüngli 

A case study of a PR Instagram campaign for Lindt & Sprüngli showcases elements to consider when planning your campaign.

PR outreach spreadsheet

PR pitch email template

PR plan template

PR skills checklist

PR strategy template

Press release template

Professional bio template

social media content calendar template

Social media content calendar template

The calendar allows you to schedule and track how well your content is performing.

Stakeholder analysis template 


SWOT analysis template

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Some tools are still being created.

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