Leveraging LinkedIn to Attract Top Talent: A Case of Takeda
The primary goal of LinkedIn is to help business professionals meet and search for jobs - all through connections that members already know. Besides, the site allows companies have personalised pages used to seek prospective candidates and provide information about their organisations. The current report presents an analysis of how LinkedIn can be leveraged to help Takeda EUCAN find, connect with, and manage candidates by building brand awareness.
6 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning Internal Communications
Before creating an internal communications plan that will meet your company’s or organization’s objectives and its overall goal, it is important to consider 6 essential questions. In this article you will learn what it takes to create a successful and solid internal communications plan that will make you stand out as a competent and credible internal communicator as well as help you effectively manage your company’s or organization’s planned internal communications activities.
4 Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Press Event
Once, press conferences were all the rage but those days are almost gone. Journalists are seeking more creative ideas from public relations and communication professionals: they want to be informed, educated and entertained. In this blog post you will learn how to get the attention of targeted journalists and make it more appealing to members of the press and your company’s senior executives by spicing up your press event in 4 creative ways.
What You Should Know About PR Evaluation: Principles and Ethics (II)
Principles of PR Evaluation Paul Noble (1999, pp. 19-20) formulated seven principles of evaluation: · Evaluation is research. Evaluation is a discipline based on research with the purpose to inform and to clarify. Also, research plays a crucial role in the planning, implementation and measurement of public relations campaigns and programmes. · Evaluation looks both ways. Evaluation is a formative activity that strives to enhance programme management. Besides, it can be described as a...
What You Should Know About PR Evaluation: Models and Processes (I)
Walter Lindenmann (1993, p.9), an experienced public relations practitioner claims that the evaluation of public relations programmes and activities requires a mix of techniques: “it is important to recognise that there is no one simple method of measuring PR effectiveness. Depending on which level of measurement is required, an array of different tools and techniques is needed to properly assess PR impact.” This article discusses two evaluation models and one evaluation process:...
How to Build a Winning Employer Brand: The Case of Siemens
To attract the best talent is getting even more difficult and many companies want to improve their image as an employer. They understand that today people give considerable importance to job satisfaction and inspiring work environment where they can thrive and develop their competencies. Thus, employer branding has become one of the top priorities for many companies. In this article you will learn what it takes to build a winning employer brand that attracts and retains talent.
3 Core Areas of Internal Communications in an Organization
This article presents you with a description of three core areas of internal communications and their importance to every company and organization.
Here's Why Internal Communication Matters
Many organisations have finally understood that internal communication matters and that it forms a foundation for the success of their employees and their business. Professional internal communicators are in high demand because they have relevant competences and are willing to develop their skills further. Whether you are a senior manager or a communicator wanting to break into internal communications, read this article and find out why internal communication matters.
Pitching to the Media: 4 Questions PR Pros Should Consider
Pitching to the media. To manage media relations successfully public relations professionals should start with effective media targeting. Different media focus on different topics, and target specific audiences. Some PR pros send a story to different media outlets without having done research on what stories these outlets cover and who their audiences are. Learn how to pitch to the media in the right way.
How to Design an Effective PR Instagram Campaign: The Case of Lindt & Sprüngli
In this case study you will learn how to develop a public relation campaign for Instagram using an example of Lindt & Sprüngli. You can follow this structure when devising a traditional PR campaign because it contains all the essential elements. Please feel free to leave your comments or share this post with your network.

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