Communicate like a pro. Let your communication flow from the heart.

C. L. A. P. - Communicate Like a Pro - is a strategic online communication and public relations platform designed to enhance and elevate the expertise of professional communicators. The platform serves as a comprehensive knowledge hub, offering a wealth of resources related to communication and public relations industry. More than just a hub, it is a celebration of the impactful nature of language and the extensive possibilities inherent in words.


Dedicated to educating, inspiring, and celebrating open-minded and forward-thinking communication and public relations professionals, C. L. A. P. provides relevant and applicable tips, tools and insights. Its mission is to support both seasoned and aspiring professionals in achieving their goals and realizing their visionary pursuits in the dynamic realm of communication and public relations.


Hi, I'm Liudmila, the creatrix and visionary behind the strategic online platform catering to communication and public relations professionals - C. L. A. P.


As a seasoned creative professional with a passion for strategic communication management and public relations, I bring over 10 years of diverse industry experience to the table. My expertise encompasses strategic corporate communication, internal, external, and digital communication, as well as the orchestration of strategic public relations campaigns and programs, and project communication management.


Infusing my work with love for aesthetics, I effortlessly integrate soulful artistic elements into my professional practice. I firmly believe in the creative power inherent in both the written and spoken word, and acknowledge the vast potential and endless possibilities of communication.


Central to my mission is a dedication to providing effective and positive communication and public relations advisory services to people, organizations, and businesses. Through my efforts, skills, and professional demeanour, I strive to contribute to the success and growth of those with whom I cooperate.

Building genuine, ethical, transparent, and trustworthy relationships with colleagues and partners across all levels is one of my top priorities. I highly value diverse perspectives and actively strive to foster an inclusive culture where each individual feels authentic, empowered, and encouraged to share their unique personal signature.


My eagerness to learn, willingness to explore new approaches, and constant search for inspiration drive my professional growth. Since 2018, I have been dedicated to a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program for experienced communication and public relations practitioners, offered by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). This ensures that I stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments.


Maintaining the highest standards of professional endeavour, integrity, confidentiality, ethics, and personal conduct is fundamental to my work. I integrate my unique voice and perspective into everything I do, ensuring a distinctive and impactful contribution to the communication and public relations profession.