The C. L. A. P. logo features a circle, rich with symbolism. Firstly, it represents the cyclical nature of the universe and our existence. Secondly, it symbolizes creative energy, ever-expanding and growing. Thirdly, it embodies wholeness, connectedness, and oneness. All these meanings are intrinsic to communication: it’s cyclical, creative, and connecting. Communication unites us and allows us to understand and create beneficial solutions for each other.


When choosing colors for the logo, I was inspired by a color therapy system that focuses on healing, vitality, and well-being. Guided by my intuition, I chose coral and turquoise colors that emphasize the theme of collective communication of wisdom and love. Coral highlights the importance of community, cooperation, and mutual understanding, while turquoise enhances playfulness and creativity, and encourages the communication of feelings.


I find these colors and their key qualities epitomize open and compassionate communication. Beyond believing in the power of words, I believe in the power and magic of colors and visuals. By combining these elements, our personal and professional communication can have a healing and transformative influence on us and the world around us.