6 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning Internal Communications
Before creating an internal communications plan that will meet your company’s or organization’s objectives and its overall goal, it is important to consider 6 essential questions. In this article you will learn what it takes to create a successful and solid internal communications plan that will make you stand out as a competent and credible internal communicator as well as help you effectively manage your company’s or organization’s planned internal communications activities.
3 Core Areas of Internal Communications in an Organization
This article presents you with a description of three core areas of internal communications and their importance to every company and organization.
Here's Why Internal Communication Matters
Many organisations have finally understood that internal communication matters and that it forms a foundation for the success of their employees and their business. Professional internal communicators are in high demand because they have relevant competences and are willing to develop their skills further. Whether you are a senior manager or a communicator wanting to break into internal communications, read this article and find out why internal communication matters.
How to Build and Foster a Culture of Employee Engagement
Many organisations are stressing the importance of employee engagement because it has a great impact on the success of the business. Some corporate communication departments have realized this and are striving to improve their internal communication strategies and activities. As a result, effective employee engagement allows employees to be properly informed, highly involved and willing to contribute to the company’s success.