PUBLIC RELATIONS · 11. December 2018
Principles of PR Evaluation Paul Noble (1999, pp. 19-20) formulated seven principles of evaluation: · Evaluation is research. Evaluation is a discipline based on research with the purpose to inform and to clarify. Also, research plays a crucial role in the planning, implementation and measurement of public relations campaigns and programmes. · Evaluation looks both ways. Evaluation is a formative activity that strives to enhance programme management. Besides, it can be described as a...
PUBLIC RELATIONS · 27. November 2018
Walter Lindenmann (1993, p.9), an experienced public relations practitioner claims that the evaluation of public relations programmes and activities requires a mix of techniques: “it is important to recognise that there is no one simple method of measuring PR effectiveness. Depending on which level of measurement is required, an array of different tools and techniques is needed to properly assess PR impact.” This article discusses two evaluation models and one evaluation process:...

PUBLIC RELATIONS · 04. September 2018
Setting objectives can be a daunting task. However, practice shows that it is one of the most important tasks in carrying out public relations and communication activities. Check out this article and find out the difference between goals and objectives, the notions of SMART objectives and the hierarchy of objectives, and why one should set objectives. Please leave your comments or share the article with your network.
PUBLIC RELATIONS · 31. July 2018
Successful public relations is a meticulously planned process. Here are 6 steps to follow to create a successful and comprehensive public relations plan: 1. Analize your past activities, 2. Set your goals, 3. Define your target audience, 4. Choose your tactics and tools, 5. Set up measurement and reporting, 6. Prepare an estimated budget.

PUBLIC RELATIONS · 31. July 2018
Technology has an ever-increasing impact on all walks of life. Without doubt it has changed the way we communicate and exchange information. Thanks to artificial intelligence, some industries are flourishing, others are ringing alarm bells in the fear of robots taking over jobs. Public relations specialists should not fear the developments of artificial intelligence because it will bring many positive results. Here are 3 main insights I want to share with you about the influence of artificial in
PUBLIC RELATIONS · 03. July 2018
Communication is no longer the same - digital advancements have changed it to a great extent. With the arrival of social media, the nature of public relations has drastically changed too. Find out 3 ways social media have influenced PR and feel free to leave your comments or share the article with your network.

PUBLIC RELATIONS · 05. June 2018
Are you working in the travel and tourism industry and thinking about how to variegate your PR efforts, retain and attract new customers? Then read this article and get some inspiration. Feel free to leave your comments or share this article with your network.