The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Public Relations Industry


Technology has an ever-increasing impact on all walks of life. Without doubt it has changed the way we communicate and exchange information. Thanks to artificial intelligence, some industries are flourishing, others are ringing alarm bells in the fear of robots taking over jobs. Public relations specialists should not fear the developments of artificial intelligence because it will bring many positive results. Here are three main insights I want to share with you about the influence of artificial intelligence on public relations.


1.     Precise Workflow – More Insights


Artificial intelligence and big data will help public relations people get better insights into the main audiences and prepare fine-tuned messages, which in turn will lead to improved services. Thanks to the real-time data, PR professionals can already offer their audience a customized content that is also useful and relevant. Besides, data will contribute to time-efficiency because PR specialists will spend more time creating the content.


2.    Simplified Workflow – More Creativity


The Associated Press is already using AI potential when dealing with such tasks as preparing reports or calculating budget. When PR professionals let machines take care of these tasks, they can fully dedicate themselves to the creative part of the PR work. Machines cannot interpret cultural context, show creativity or make contacts, only people can.  


3.    Complemented Workflow – Human Perspective


Artificial intelligence will act as a complement to public relations services. Although machines can and do take over such mundane tasks as reporting or delivering numbers, they cannot evaluate campaign’s success from a human perspective; PR specialists can assess its impact on the audience.


Rather than being afraid of artificial intelligence taking over their jobs, PR practitioners should focus on ideas, efficiency and building contacts with the media, which are and will remain human.


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Article written by Liudmila Kazak

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