The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Public Relations Industry


Technology exerts a growing influence on various aspects of life, notably transforming communication and information exchange. Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a pivotal role, fueling prosperity in certain industries while sparking concerns about job displacement in others. Public relations specialists need not dread the advancements in AI, as these developments are poised to yield numerous positive outcomes. Here are three main insights I want to share with you about the influence of artificial intelligence on public relations.


1. Precise Workflow – Deeper Insights


Artificial intelligence and big data will help public relations people get better insights into the main audiences and prepare fine-tuned messages. This, in turn, promises an enchantment of services. Leveraging real-time data, public relations professionals can now deliver tailored content that is not only customized but also useful and relevant to their audience. Besides, the use of data holds the potential to streamline time efficiency, enabling public relations specialists to allocate more time for the creation of useful content.


2. Simplified Workflow – More Room for Creativity


The Associated Press has already embraced the potential of artificial intelligence in  dealing with tasks like report preparation and budget calculation. By letting the machines take care of these operational aspects, public relations professionals can fully dedicate themselves to the creative facets of their work. It is vital to note that while machines excel at certain tasks, they cannot interpret cultural nuances, showcase creativity or establish relationships – areas where human expertise remains irreplaceable. 


3. Complemented Workflow – Human Perspective


Artificial intelligence is set to act as a complement to existing public relations services. While machines efficiently handle routine tasks such as reporting and numerical deliveries, delivering numbers, the evaluation of a campaign's success from a human perspective remains within the realm of public relations specialists.


Instead of being afraid of artificial intelligence encroaching on the roles, public relations practitioners should redirect their focus towards iideation, efficiency and establishing media relationships - aspects inherently human and unlikely to be replaced.


For those interested in acquiring AI skills tailored for PR and communications specialists, consider exploring the course «AI for Everyone», designed by Andrew Ng, CEO of Landing AI and co-founder of Coursera.