Blog content calendar template

What is a Blog Content Calendar?


A blog content calendar helps you develop a blogging strategy and manage your online blog content. Moreover, it keeps you organized by scheduling your content over a period of time, holds you accountable to established deadlines, and helps you produce a steady flow of relevant content and keep track of your progress.


This simple blog content calendar template will help you keep yourself and your writers on task and on time. Depending on your or your team’s needs, you can adjust the sections by adding or deleting the ones you don’t need.


The template includes the following sections:


·        Title

·        Date scheduled

·        Time scheduled

·        Status (published, ready, draft)

·        SEO keyword

·        Featured

·        Exclusive

·        Section

·        Editor

·        Author

·        Final title

·        Notes

·        Attachment

·        Social messaging

·        Call-to-Action (CTA)


Blog content calendar template C. L. A. P.
Blog content calendar template C. L. A.
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Post written and blog content calendar template created by Liudmila Kazak.