Blog content calendar template

What is a Blog Content Calendar?


A blog content calendar serves as a tool to craft a blogging strategy and efficiently manage your online blog content. It plays a vital role in maintaining organizational structure by allowing you to schedule your content over a specified period, ensuring adherence to set deadlines, and facilitating the creation of a consistent stream of pertinent content. It also aids in tracking progress and holds you accountable for the established timeline.


This uncomplicated blog content calendar template serves as a valuable resource to keep both yourself and your writing team organized and punctual. Tailor the sections to meet your specific needs by adding or removing elements as necessary.


The template includes the following sections:


·        Title

·        Date scheduled

·        Time scheduled

·        Status (published, ready, draft)

·        SEO keyword

·        Featured

·        Exclusive

·        Section

·        Editor

·        Author

·        Final title

·        Notes

·        Attachment

·        Social messaging

·        Call-to-Action (CTA)


Blog content calendar template C. L. A. P.
Blog content calendar template C. L. A.
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