According to Kim Harrison (2011, p. 324), a campaign is defined as "a planned set of communication activities, each with a specific defined purpose, continued over a set period of time and intended to meet communication goals and objectives relating to a nominated issue, for example, a campaign to increase industrial safety." While the nature of a public relations campaign varies based on context and overarching objectives, there are fundamental elements that are universally applicable to all public relations campaigns.


To aid you in effectively planning and developing a public relations campaign, I have compiled a straightforward guide encompassing eight essential elements. This guide draws inspiration from Anne Gregory's book, 'Planning and Managing Public Relations Campaigns: A Strategic Approach' (2015). Each of the eight chapters provides a succinct description of key notions to enhance your understanding and implementation of these crucial elements.


·        Context

·        Planning

·        Analysis and Research

·        Aims and Objectives

·        Publics and Messages

·        Strategy and Tactics

·        Time-frame and Resources

·        Evaluation and Review




Gregory, A., 2015. Planning and Managing Public Relations Campaigns, 4th edition. London: Kogan Page.


Harrison K., 2006, Strategic Public Relations—A Practical Guide to Success, 5th edn, Palgrave Macmillan, South Yarra, Vic.

A Guide to Developing a Public Relations Campaign / PR

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Post written and the guide created by Liudmila Kazak.

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