Social media content calendar template

What is a Social Media Content Calendar?


Managing a multitude of social media posts might seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be when organized in one centralized location. A Social Media Content Calendar (SMCC) proves invaluable in such scenarios. To simplify your task, I've crafted an SMCC template, and I trust you'll find it beneficial.


Why Use a Social Media Content Calendar?


A well-organized Social Media Content Calendar (SMCC) comprises a roster of social media platforms, a messaging column for content promotion, scheduled posting dates and times, and metrics for likes, comments, and shares. Utilizing an SMCC aids in 1) analyzing content performance, 2) identifying optimal content for specific audiences, 3) tracking significant dates and events, 4) timely post scheduling, and 5) refining messaging as necessary.


How to Use the Social Media Content Calendar Template


The SMCC template encompasses one sheet for January 2018/2019, allowing you to rename it based on the month you plan to schedule your posts. Additionally, you can generate new sheets for subsequent months by duplicating the structure from the initial sheet. The template incorporates the following elements:


·       Date

·       Time

·       Title

·       Copy

·       Link

·       Likes

·       Comments

·       Shares


The foundation of the calendar is set, and all that remains is to begin populating the cells with the necessary information. If you're contemplating launching a social media campaign but unsure where to begin, I encourage you to read this article to discover key considerations before embarking on your next social media initiative.


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