Social media content calendar template

What is a Social Media Content Calendar?


Publishing a myriad of posts on social media can look scary. But it shouldn’t be when you have them organised in one place. In this situation a social media content calendar (SMCC) comes in handy. I have created a SMCC template to ease your job and I hope you will find it useful.


Why to Use a Social Media Content Calendar?


An efficient SMCC includes a list of social media networks, a column with messaging you’ll be using to promote your content, date and time when you’ll be posting your content, and the number of likes, comments and shares. A SMCC helps you to 1) analyse how well your content is performing 2) understand which content works best for each audience 3) keep track of all the important dates and events 4) publish your posts on time and 5) adjust your messaging if needed.


How to Use the Social Media Content Calendar Template


The SMCC template includes one sheet for January 2018/2019 which you can rename according to the month when you are planning to schedule your posts. Also, you can create a new sheet for the following months by copying and pasting the structure on the first sheet.  Template's elements:


·       Date

·       Time

·       Title

·       Copy

·       Link

·       Likes

·       Comments

·       Shares


The backbone of the calendar is there, the only thing you should do is start filling out the cells with the information you need. Thinking of developing a social media campaign but don’t know where to start? Then read this article and find out what you should consider before diving into your next social media project.

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Post written  and social media content calendar template created by Liudmila Kazak.